Pigeon Group’s main objectives and focussing on the followings :
  • The various businesses, mercantile and others now carried on at Delhi and elsewhere under the style or firm of Pigeon Group and Companies and all or any other assets and liabilities of the proprietors of the said businesses in connection therewith and the goodwill thereof.
  • The agency businesses of various Joint-stock companies of which Pigeon Group and Companies are the Divisions viz Pigeon Infra Private Limited, Pigeon Finance Solutions Private Limited and Pigeon I T Solutions Private Limited or other Pigeon Group of Companies.

  • With a view to look after the above mention Group Companies, to enter into the agreement for establish and carry on business of the companies
  • To engage in the business of Management of security offerings to Group Companies including making arrangements for selling or buying or dealing in securities.

  • To carry on the business of distributors/companies engaged in any kind of goods, commodities or produces, warehousemen, bankers and general merchants in all Group Companies.
  • To diversified activities and represents global leaders in India for eligible projects in its various divisions like Infrastructure, Bio Technology, Automobile, Agritech, Healthcare, Tourism, Entertainment, Logistics, Education, Real Estate, Hospitality, Matels & Minerals and Finance etc. Aviation and several other projects.

  • Pigeon Group of Companies main objective is prepared for capitalizing on new economy in India.
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